Do not overlook IT due diligence when considering buying a new business which could result in negative commercial consequences which became apparent after the deal is done.

At ecc we have proven experience of performing IT due diligence which is a fully tailored investigative process. We will get to the route of the detail and leave no stone unturned.

  • What technology does the company have? What is the ownership structure?
  • Cost of ownership of the technology?
  • What would need to be invested in the IT infrastructure?
  • What risks within the technology should be acknowledged?

Mergers and Acquisitions

In the event of a merger or acquisition, synergies and efficiencies should be achieved by stripping out duplication, and integrating in an optimum way. This benefit will only be realised if careful due diligence and planning is undertaken.

Many of the Banks’s who merged post the economic crisis are still trying to manage at least two legacy and aging systems. This is a scenario we want you to avoid, and our role is to ensure that not only is the due diligence performed, but you have a clear post-merger blueprint for the new IT infrastructure.

In reality the project to get to the end state will likely be complex and will need oversight. Some of the key areas we can manage are:

  • Review and alteration current software/ hardware contracts
  • Storage consolidation (in-house or hosted off site)
  • Managing conversations with third party IT vendors
  • Procuring any additional hardware/software
  • Project management for migration, whether big bang or more likely staged
  • Training for employees who will be using new software for the first time