Cloud computing in a nutshell

Cloud is still mystifying for some but it has a range of benefits which many businesses are taking advantage of. At ecc we work with clients to take the mystery out of Cloud and explain in simple terms how it can help their business.

Providing the means through which everything to do with your computer can be delivered to you from an outside secure source. ‘Wherever you are in the world, whenever you need it – saving space, time, cost and power.’

We design Cloud solutions that are scalable, reliable and resilient with a added benefit of providing a cost effective alternative to in-house infrastructure.

Our Cloud Services

If suitable for your business needs, our cloud services will integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure to help make your business more efficient.

Public cloud, private cloud or hybrid options are available.

You can use Cloud for your entire infrastructure or for a specific requirement such as disaster recovery or back-up services. Our team of experts will advise and help you decide on the most suitable Cloud option for your business.

We are a 'Cloud Accelerate Partner':
  • Extensive knowledge & experience
  • Cloud solutions to suit your business
  • Continual monitoring
  • Tailored level of support – total to ad-hoc