giraffe is a chain of family friendly restaurants located throughout the UK. ecc started working with them in 2008 at a time where their IT infrastructure had become both cumbersome, expensive, and, very top heavy.

ecc had a remit to strip out everything that was not business essential, whilst ensuring a robust and enduring infrastructure which would support growth for giraffe.

"I have worked with ecc for a number of years. I have been impressed by their passion, reliability, and, dependability. They listen to your requirements as a client first before offering their knowledge and expertise. They are extremely cost conscious on their clients’ behalf, and they have made sure that we do not overspend. Time and time again, ecc have gone the extra mile for us."

– Juliette Joffe, giraffe CEO

Streamlining IT

ecc took some time to understand the giraffe business, and how technology supported staff in their daily roles. The output of that analysis was a simplified design which would act as a restaurant IT blueprint.

ecc migrated all restaurants in the chain to the new leaner, and more cost effective design – cost savings of more than 30% were realised.

ecc went onto support and maintain IT for giraffe, and, this continued as the business grew from 13 to more than 60 restaurants.

  • Improved IT robustness
  • Cost savings of 30%
  • Business continuity
  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Leaner design
  • Ensured PCC compliance and continuity of payment systems