Office Relocations

Moving business IT infrastructure can be the most daunting and complex aspect of an office move. You want a seamless transition so that your employees can arrive at the new office and not be hampered by technology which is not working.

At ecc we take the risk out of your office move and leave you to focus on running your business.

  • Evaluating current technology and requirements for the new office
  • Assessing connectivity requirements and availability in the new office
  • Providing IT systems designs for the new office, including security best practice
  • Organising the actual IT hardware move
  • Working to an agreed Project Plan, including testing everything is working on day 1
  • Being on hand during the first couple of days to help with any further set up issues

It is important to plan ahead and have a co-ordinator in place – whether a team or a single person


Careful planning includes surveying your new location – bring in the IT experts to ensure everything is considered

Reduce Costs

Relocation gives an opportunity to negotiate with a new supplier – always ensure any new contract fulfils your requirements

Early Setup

Installing new connections can take time and potentially require civil works. Make sure you arrange them well in advance – we recommend 90 days


Anything you can do to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone will help – a short how-to with a timeline is ideal


Whilst moving maintain your existing network to minimise downtime. Equip the new office at least 14 days ahead of the move to ensure everything is working correctly

Step by Step

A detailed plan is also necessary, providing a schedule for the move so that everyone knows what needs to happen and when

Minimise Disruption

Moving out-of-hours minimises downtime, as well as disruption to the normal working day- some staff will need to be on hand to manage and test